Mood Board, NYC Narrative Book

by Syd

My book will be a personal narrative of my visit to Coney Island.  My grandparents lived a few blocks from the boardwalk in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, until my grandfather passed away in 1997.  As a toddler, I’d go to Coney Island all the time during the summers.  After my grandmother moved to Queens, I haven’t been back to Coney Island in years.  My book will reflect my own nostalgia, as well as the loss of the old Coney Island.  Today, much of the area has fallen into neglect and has been greatly downsized.  Of the attractions that survived, many are at risk for redevelopment.  My mood board depicts an aesthetic combining old, black and white photographs with desaturated or ultra-saturated photos of today’s Coney Island.  I will explore the option of mixing typography, using typefaces that are reminiscent of those found at the boardwalk.